Vladimir orlov 


Personal Information:

Origins: Russia 

Age: Mid to late 30’s

Height: 5’7

Build: Slim build

Hair: None

Personal Style: Strictly business minded.




Family Information

Mother: Elena Orlov (Deceased)

Father: Andrei Orlov (Deceased)

Siblings: Older Brother: Vadim (Deceased)

Extended family: Aunt Alyona Orlov (father’s sister), Cousin – LUKA ORLOV. Luka works for him but Vladimir treats him like just another lackey.













VLADIMIR prides himself on being sneaky and underhanded. He is running a business that is in direct competition to the VASILIEV family. So when news of SIDOR VASILIEV'S death spreads, all VLAD can see is opportunity and dollar signs. His biggest downfall in the past has always been his people, guns for hire that he feels can’t be trusted. He summons THE WOLF to task. If THE WOLF can help keep his men in order, and help him make a move on some new territory, the future is wide open, and soon enough he could be running the whole city.



Back story: Vladimir was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. Vladimir and his older brother Vadim spent their childhoods doing small jobs for the Bratva (Russian mob brotherhood). When their parents were killed by a rival syndicate, the two brothers fled to Canada. Upon their arrival in  they quickly established their own ‘business’. Organized crime was the only way they know, survival of the fittest.


  Losing their parents so young cemented the brothers' relationship. Family was everything, or so Vladimir thought. Vladimir and Vadim became quite successful, but Vadim wanted more. Vadim started to run secret drug shipments overseas. He was working with a mob back home, but said nothing about it to his brother. Vladimir was devastated by his Vadim’s betrayal, as they didn’t know exactly who had killed their parents Vadim could be working with their killers. 

Strength: Smart, cunning, a great strategist. Can see all angles, and is always thinking three moves ahead of everyone else. He is a soft-spoken, unassuming man, and he uses this to his advantage. People trust him, but they don’t know what he was capable of. 


Weaknesses: Vadim’s death was a turning point for Vladimir. He no longer trusts anyone easily. He believes that money is the only thing that will buy loyalty. This leaves him isolated and paranoid.  He also has a weak leg due to being shot by his brother in their final fight.


Flaws: Doesn’t value family, believes relationships are bought and sold. Just another commodity.

What does he want?  Vladimir wants to control the whole district, he wants to prove to the world that he can be successful without his brother.




 The Vasiliev family own a large section of the city.  While Sidor Vasiliev was a formidable adversary, his daughter is a complete unknown. With Sidor dead and NAIKITA taking over his legacy, Vladimir feels out of the loop. He needs information immediately! He can’t make a plan without knowing everything there is to know about Sidor’s heir. He hasn’t seen Naikita since she was a child. If Naikita shows any signs of weakness, Vlad wants to be able to finesse his way and exploit. Vladimir sends his men out to gather information.

His ambition is not a secret, but his new man for hire THE WOLF is an unexpected wild card.

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