The most important part of the project that can’t be overstated is the concept, which includes the scripting and story boarding etc. More than any other single factor, the concept with miticulious planning determines a video’s success. Story boarding is the blueprint for both the shooting and editing of a video. This phase will eventually lead to pre-production logistics. it’s great to be creative with your ideas. The ideas will be integrated into the video and shall reflect what you want as a client, knowing what you want in terms of image, perception, and identity for your business or project is beneficial. What are the key points and goals of your video that you wish to emphasize?, what is the message intended for your audience or client? .... not to worry I'll be guiding you through this process.


 - Meet & Greet 

 - Project Introduction 

 - Budget review

 - Production resources 

 - Q & A




Each project is unique and requires its own entity of creativity this is where the ideas become a reality, with great consideration of the scope at task to be fulfilled alongside the funds and resources. Once the script is agreed upon the next step will be the production phase.

 - Storyboard review  

- Approach and logistics  

- Final Draft

- Deposit paid

- Scheduling   

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

The production of your project will consist of the actual videography (video shooting) and all its many moving parts. The way in which the schedule is organized will play a big part in how well your production flows. I take great diligence on whats according to plan, consistency and details are very important to me, the results shall ultimately contribute to a great final product.

     lights, camera, action....


Phase 4


  Post-Production is the final factor that brings the entire production process together. Video editing, motion graphics, audio editing, and colour correction are all parts of the post-production process. It requires both skill and time with many variables that determine how long it will actually take. A well thought out script with storyboards will drastically reduce the time required in post-production. Other considerations that come into play during editing are any logos that might be used, graphics, music and even photographs that could help support the goal of the video. Providing sample edits throughout this process will reassure both me, the client and video is headed in the right direction.

- Clients revision 

- Final cut review 


Lastly,  what you've been waiting for your personal digital copy 

- Digital copy obtained 

- Raw footage 

- High quality resolution 4k, 2k, 1080p 

- Pro res, DNxHD, H.264 available for any social media format 

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