Born in Toronto, Ontario Canada has over 10+ years of experience as a cinematographer and director of photography specializing in documentary films.



Maurice is an urban cinematographer and director currently based in Regina, SK. Filmmaking is his passion and his ability to translate everyday experience into visual poetry. Using an extensive and ever-growing knowledge of digital film and technology, Maurice's primary goal is to produce stylization and concepts that changes the common perspectives. 


His greatest ambition is to give the audiences a captivating visual experience.



    As a cinematographer and director, I  have a basic philosophy that can be applied to most projects, but every story needs a tailored approach that is often related more to the intended audience or specific genre. For example, if I am to shoot a short film, then choices of visual ideas and style will more than likely be informed by working with the conventions of that genre or deliberately working against those conventions for effect. Essentially I tend to look for the truth in a story when thinking of a visual approach. I shy away from excessive stylization for its own sake at the same time. A visual concept that is grounded in reality that elevates the telling of the story beyond naturalism. My best practice is utilizing the tools of cinema to educate and inspire. 

Certified Drone Operator
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